Phaedra and Eric playing farmer in the city.

Phaedra and Eric playing farmer in the city.

Hey, fellow urban gardeners!

I bet you have a passion for cooking with the freshest produce.

You love the idea of growing some of it yourself.

But you struggle because you live in a tiny space. 

Don't let busy city living stop you from growing tasty food. It didn't stop us. 

Eric (Chef Iggy) is a professionally-trained chef. Phaedra is a food writer with a garden design certification. We have always loved the fresh produce from our home state of Virginia, but shopping at the farmer's market started getting a little expensive. Too expensive. 

Several years ago, we began converting our kitchen porch and city backyard into a full-on urban garden, one seed at a time. We decided to start Kitchen Plot to help other urbanites grow local food.

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