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Urban Gardening Resources

Gardening in urban areas is easier than ever with some specialized knowledge and tools. Got a tiny city backyard, balcony or patio? Our resources will help you get started and make the most of your space. Scroll down or click for our extensive list of helpful urban gardening resources about design, tools, plant lists, and more.


Urban Garden Design

A small urban garden can be both functional and beautiful. Just because your space is tiny doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate decorative elements. Careful design will also help you make the most of your limited space. Urban features like brick, concrete or fences can even be your friend! Learn how you can utilize the urban environment to create a lush city garden.

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Make a raised bed in 2 hours

Try these themed container plantings

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Urban Gardening ideas

Get creative with your urban garden space! Whether you are looking for ways to expand your garden area, or fighting off urban pests like your neighbor’s cats, we have ideas for how to succeed.


urban garden Kitchen

Chef Eric (alias Chef Iggy) is a professionally-trained chef who spent 26 years running restaurant kitchens. He always comes up with something creative and beautiful to make with our urban garden produce. Here are his most downloaded chef-created recipes, using your fresh backyard-to-table urban produce.


urban garden tools

Long-handled rakes and seed spreaders can be overkill for the urban garden. But sometimes hand tools are too tiny to get the job done. Urban gardeners don’t always have extensive room for tool storage. I am a total gadget girl, and this is my guide to the right tools and tips for small gardens.

Tool care & sharpening

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urban vegetable gardening

Some vegetables fit into urban life better than others. Tiny spaces, harsh climates, blocked sunlight and limited water can all conspire against the urban gardener. Learn which plants perform best in a city space, and how to give them the right care.