Photo Gallery: Small City Garden Ideas for Urban Spaces

Planning next year’s garden? This gallery of images from Richmond's Oregon Hill neighborhood shows how you can carve out some creative and attractive garden space in small urban neighborhoods. Oregon Hill's back alley gardens are full of flowers, vegetables and creative artwork. These city growers lean more toward the practical side of gardening, but many create beautiful green in both sun and shade. Oregon Hill is a small, urban neighborhood alongside Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. It's a scrappier, less-visited version of Richmond's famous Fan District, although Oregon Hill's historic land is home to popular Hollywood Cemetery, the final resting place of two U.S. Presidents and other notables. The neighborhood proper is only about 8 blocks long by 4 blocks wide, and home to a mix of students, artists, young professionals and longtime "townies" who have lived in their family houses for generations. These are only some of the alley views of Oregon Hill's secret gardens. (Click on the first image to scroll through the gallery.)

WinterPhaedra Hise